What is North Texas Intergroup? (formerly CSG)

In 2022, the North Texas Community Service Group celebrated our 35th birthday in North Texas!

Intergroup contributes to the Codependents Anonymous community by helping to organize and host Seminars, Workshops, Speaker Meetings, and by coordinating efforts such as Step Studies, Newcomer Meetings, and maintaining the North Texas CoDA website.

North Texas Intergroup is the Community Service Group for North Texas CoDA. We are a community of recovering codependents from the North Texas area. Any co-dependent is welcome to join us. We have community meetings quarterly.

Intergroup is here to support your meetings and your growth.
We serve your meeting in the following ways:

  • Since each CoDA Group is autonomous, CSG has no authority or control over individual meetings or CoDA as a whole, but serves as an inter-group coordinator to provide the following:
    • We provide communication to Group Reps and Outreach (therapists, hospitals, other institutions) to help spread the CoDA message in keeping with our 12th Step & 5th Tradition.
    • We organize events such as speaker meetings, step studies, an annual birthday celebration and annual holiday party.
    • About every 3 years, CoDA Texas asks us to organize the State Conference, which is usually held in the Fall.  See the [Events & Announcements Page] for more info.
    • We have a Meeting List that is updated quarterly and now resides here –> [Meeting List]
    • We distribute information about important events such as the Annual Retreat, State Conference, and more.
    • Previously, we were asked to mediate a difficult situation within a group.  We came up with a plan and provided support in the mediation process.
  • We attend State CoDA meetings to provide a voice at the State and international level of CoDA.  Anyone is welcome to attend the State meetings held twice a year, in Spring and Fall.
  • If your meeting has an issue that you would like to be presented for consideration to the CoDA International Service Conference, please bring that to the attention of CoDA Texas at the Spring meeting. They can then present it to conference through a procedure called a Voting Entity Issue.

How is CSG Organized?

We work closely with CoDA Texas www.codatexas.org to support CoDA local meetings. Currently, we have a board consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary as well as a number of volunteers who each contribute in helping to make North Texas CoDA a success.  Ideally, we would have Group Reps or Contacts from each CoDA meeting attend our Quarterly Meetings to provide input and ideas.  We elect officers every two years including a Chair or Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. 

CoDA History

Co-Dependents Anonymous was founded by Ken and Mary Richardson and the first CoDA meeting attended by 30 people was held October 22, 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In  February 1987, two Individuals who attended therapy in Phoenix learned of CoDA and brought the information back to Dallas.  They started the Central Group, (Unitarian Church; Preston Road and Normandy) which became the first Dallas home group. Shortly thereafter, the Safe Haven group opened at Northaven and Preston Road. The Park Cities Group then opened in the basement at Park Cities Baptist Church and had a robust turnout weekly.  It was started by Charles D (a major contributor to CoDA) and a therapist.  The first standalone facility was called the Central Club which also involved Charles D and Rosemary as organizers. This group originally located near Central Expressway (between Forest and Royal) was instrumental in creating and distributing CoDA literature for all groups including groups outside of Texas. Charles D created a committee (including Dan, Cindi, Rosemary and others) which was known as Texas Literature Corporation.  They created the original Newcomer’s Handbook as well as other CoDA literature. Their success caught the attention of CoDA Inc. and eventually became CoRE Publications.

The awareness of Codependency by the public became more commonplace due in part to two key people.  John Bradshaw (American educator, counselor, motivational speaker, and author who hosted a number of PBS television programs on topics such as addiction, recovery, codependency, and spirituality) published his first book: The Family.  Melody Beattie popularized the concept of codependency in 1986 with the book Codependent No More which sold eight million copies. This contributed to the general emergence of the idea that addiction to a person (who was addicted to a substance or a behavioral process) was a possibility. As a result of this awareness, CoDA meetings began to flourish.

In 1989, North Texas Community Service Group (CSG) was organized by Beverly M and others at the Irving Hospital. This was the first coordinated effort to provide support to the CoDA community outside of individual home groups.  CSG was very active at providing area wide events allowing all groups to participate. The CSG Intergroup is still active today and has expanded to include groups from El Paso to Tyler, Waco to Denton. 

By 1993, CoDA was flourishing in North Texas including the following groups: Oak Lawn, Mesquite, Richardson, Irving, Plano, Southlake, Grand Prairie, Gaston Lodge, Central 40, Central 41, Garland and Ft Worth.

In 1995, Beverly M and others participated on the board that created and published the main CoDA Book “Co-Dependents Anonymous” as well as other new literature to be distributed via CoRE Publications.

By 1996, CoDA North Texas expanded to include groups in Paris, Tyler, and Grand Prairie.

In 2021, the CSG Intergroup supports the following groups: East Dallas, Garland and Mesquite, Domingo Central, Oak Lawn, CoDA Vive, Dallas Central, CoDA Nueva Libertad,  Richardson, Carrollton, Core Values (The Colony), Men’s Group of Frisco, Denton, Freedom Group (Ft Worth), Unity Group and Unity Women (Ft Worth), Tyler, Victory Over Codependence (Waco) and New Freedom (El Paso). The Intergroup provides many services to local groups including the northtexascoda.org website, speaker meetings, 12 step studies, birthday parties, etc. 

CSG Meeting Coming Soon!  
All CoDA Members welcome!

CSG Intergroup meetings are held quarterly. 
Please see the  Events & Announcemt Page for Meeting Dates & Details