When possible, each role will have a backup position who may also share in the role.
*Starred items denote officer positions

Volunteer opportunities
Service Role Descriptions are listed below the open positions.

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Service Role Descriptions:

The Chairperson is responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner. The Chairperson must make the most of all his/her committee members, building and leading the team in accordance with the Twelve Traditions.

Treasurers are responsible for keeping an accurate historical record of transactions covering income such as membership payments, fundraising income, and payments to bank accounts, and third parties.
Co-Treasurer reviews the register and bank statements regularly as a second review.

The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. Effectively communicates upcoming events through all tools as appropriate (e-mail, text, What’s App, website, etc. Distributes Event Invitations and reports related RSVPs. In summary, the Secretary is responsible for:  Maintaining effective records and administration, taking and distributing meeting minutes, and communicating with the community.

Communication Technology Liaison/Co-Communication Liaison
Assists with updating shared documents. Works closely with Web Administrator and Secretary  to distribute information. Maintains updated lists of Group Service Reps (GSRs) shared only with Intergroup officers and volunteers. These lists include e-mail, text and WhatsApp.  These lists are reviewed and updated quarterly or per request. The Liaison will also provide guidance to new/existing meetings with functionalities including maintaining/updating individual Meeting phone lists, QR Code creation, Electronic Payment setup and group Whats App. The Co-Communication- Technology Liaison shares in these responsibilities and backs up the Communication-Technology Liaison as needed.

Web Administrator/Co-Web Administrator
Maintains/updates website: https://northtexascoda.org. Responsible for adding/deleting web content such as current events, meeting list, etc. Provides CSG quarterly reports on website activity.  Requests funding from CSG for hosting, firewall, and web security to make payments to website host. 

Outreach Coordinator/Co-Outreach Coordinator
Develops team to reach out to internal Group Service Reps (GSRs) as well as external parties to ensure engagement, communication, and coordination of events throughout the community.  Notifies communication liaison and web administrator to disseminate information from individual groups out to the CoDA community.

Web Contact Response/Co-Response
Responds to “Contact Us” queries from the North Texas Coda website.  Provides answers when possible or directs the appropriate person to respond.

Speaker Meeting Coordinator/Co-Speaker Meeting Coordinator
Works with CSG intergroup to communicate available Speaker Meetings upcoming or in progress.  In addition, works to gather volunteers to establish new speaker meetings as needed.

Event Coordinator/Co-Events Coordinator
Gathers volunteers to coordinate and schedule events such as CoDA birthday party, holiday party, State Conference, etc. Assists with site location and reservation of facilities. Prepares proposals for approval and funding to CSG officers.

Step Study Coordinator/Co-Step Study Coordinator
Gathers volunteers to help establish new step studies. Works with CSG Intergroup to communicate the available Step Study groups to our CoDA Community that are upcoming or in progress and which are open to new members.

Sponsorship Coordinator/Co-Sponsorship Coordinator
Works with CSG to promote and educate the role of sponsors. Establishes and maintains list of available sponsors throughout the North Texas CoDA community for referral to CoDA members seeking a sponsor.

New Meeting Coordinator/New Meeting Co-Coordinator
Determines geographical gaps and needs for additional meetings in the region, gathers volunteers to scout locations, coordinates initial startup and establishes Group Service Reps for ongoing support. Provides proposals to CSG for review and specific support needed.

Newcomer Meeting Coordinator/New Meeting Co-Coordinator:
Organizes and leads monthly newcomer meeting via Zoom. Newcomer’s meeting script provided.