Our speakers have graciously shared their hopeful messages of recovery – the struggles, the victories, and how to continue in this recovery journey. May you find inspiration and hope as you hear from people who have been where you have been. You’re worth it!

We are looking for speakers! Your message can help others in recovery. Please contact Lisa L. – (817) 235-9798 / eplevy@yahoo.com

Meeting Resources

Making Meetings Great – A group inventory – Robert M.
A step 4 review tool for reviewing what your group is doing well, and how your group can improve. 
     Download –> Worksheet for Making Meetings Great

Why Sponsorship? – We can’t do it alone – Yumi M.

CoDA Retreat Speakers

From Illusion to Mastery: A Codependent’s Journey – Annette E.

Relationships in CoDA: Using the Traditions for a Successful Relationship – Delphine & David L.

The Four Agreements – Linda B.F.

Breaking Through the Codependent Mind – Darlene L. (Keynote Speaker)

Quarterly Speaker Series

WENDY S. – Wendy graciously shared her CoDA journey at the July 20 Speaker Meeting. Listen to her amazing story!

There’s Hope in Recovery – Brandi B.
Brandi’s heartfelt message of Hope.

You’re Worth It! – Michelle E. shares precious gems from 33 years of recovery. She reminds us that recovery is worth it, because YOU’RE worth it! – .

Stay in Your Own Hula Hoop! – Linda B.F. talks about boundaries in this fun and bouncy message.

The Elevator is Broken. You Have to Take the Steps – Will S. shares his eye-opening message of how to take the steps.