The next CSG Intergroup meeting will be held on July 9th, 2022, 1 to 3 PM,  via Zoom.
See you there!

Announcements from the April 9
CSG Intergroup Meeting

These are just some of the things we discussed at our most recent CSG Intergroup meeting. Your North Texas CoDA Intergroup is hard at work to serve our CoDA Community. Thanks to everyone who is helping to make a difference.

  • Link to Newcomer’s Meeting on WW 650
  • Upcoming: In person step study starts June 21st in East Dallas
  • 2022 7th tradition donations: East Dallas, Richardson, and Carrollton
  • Upcoming: CoDA Texas retreat in LaGrange July 22nd through 24th
  • Raymond elected Vice Chair for NTX CSG
  • Open positions: Secretary, Speaker Meeting Coordinator, “Contact Us” respondent
  • Recommendation that groups create and use group e-mail addresses instead of personal e-mail accounts.  E-mail address would not change and access could be provided to new GSRs as they rotate.
  • Upcoming: Red Oak meeting starts May 2nd. TX 596
  • Plano, Allen and McKinney meeting committee is underway headed by Haden
  • CoDA The First 14 days.  Materials available under newcomer, sponsorship
  • Upcoming: Next meeting – Sat. July 9th at 1:00 pm


Announcements from the January 18
CSG Intergroup Meeting

  • CoDA Structure in Texas is on
  • 2021 7th tradition donations: Frisco, East Dallas, Waco, Tyler, Richardson, Dallas Central
  • Upcoming: CoDA Texas next meeting: January 29th 10:30 AM
  • Upcoming: CoDA Texas retreat in LaGrange: July 2022
  • Upcoming: Step Study (Virtual) starting in January. Sign up at
  • Newcomer’s meeting continue on second Wednesday of each month. Sign up at
  • The Value of Sponsorship (Yumi) posted on
  • Group Inventory for Healthy Meetings (Robert M) posted on

Announcements from the October 9
CSG Intergroup Meeting

  • New Officer Election: Wendy S. was elected Treasurer
  • CoDA Texas Update: CoDA Texas structure outlined regarding Local Groups, CSG Intergroups, State Voting Authority and CoDA International, posted on
  • Website Update: CoDA North Texas history is now posted on “about us”
  • Upcoming: State retreat October 22nd through 24th
  • Upcoming step study: Step Study starting soon, in person at CoDA East Dallas location

Announcements from the July 10
CSG Intergroup Meeting

  • New Officer Election: Chris R. was nominated and approved as Treasurer
  • Welcome El Paso: Carmen (GSR) with TX 476, New Freedom Group, El Paso
  • CoDA Birthday Party: Andrea is working on this fall event in a restaurant in September. Watch for more details soon.
  • Hybrid Meetings: Meetings are starting to come back either in person or a hybrid combo of live and via Zoom.  For guidance, see “Setting up a Hybrid Meeting” under meeting resources on  For questions reach out to John at the Central Monday group (TX040).
  • Outreach Report: For individual meeting that want to reach out to professional counselors in your area, get guidance from: “Outreach:  Reaching out to Other Codependents Who Suffer “ under meeting resources at
  • Facilitator Guide: There is a generic, printable document available online for groups if they want to utilize this as a tool for their weekly home meetings. It includes a Facilitator Guide and a coordinated Participant Guide at, meeting resources.
  • Local Meeting Service Roles: Group Service Rep & other positions in home groups: For home meeting roles, see: “Local Meeting Service Roles & Recmmendations” in meeting resources section of
  • Speaker Meetings: The first Spanish Speaker meeting will be on July 25, 2021 at 2:00pm with Carmen from El Paso. The meeting will be entirely in Spanish and later posted on under “ Coda Espanol”
  • Reminder: Groups need to update their meeting information annually with
  • Step Study Coordinator: Jill W. has volunteered to be Step Study Meeting Coordinator for CSG Intergroup. She participated in a Step Study locally and later successfully facilitated another one. She will not be leading the Step Studys, but she is available as a resource to assist groups to get a Step Study coordinated successfully.
  • State Meeting: CoDA Texas meets Saturday, June 24th at 10:00 am via Zoom.  All CoDA members welcome.
  • State Conference and Retreat: October 22-24 in Tomball, TX. More details to come.

Announcements from the April 8
CSG Intergroup Meeting

  • Speaker Meetings: The online speaker meetings were recorded and are now being edited. A new page titled  “Speaker Presentations” has been created on the website and will be yet another recovery tool for our CoDA community.  Many thanks to Lisa, all our speakers, and to everyone involved who are making this a reality.
  • Party! – Andrea S. is our new volunteer & is looking at putting together a CoDA Birthday party in July or August.  Watch for a survey on this topic soon!  Contact Andrea if you want to be on the party team: (214) 923-1714
  • Your Meeting Listing:  Do you know if your meeting listing is up to date on  Please visit your meeting listing to make sure all your meeting information is still accurate and current.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to scroll to the bottom of your page if you had “Special Instructions” listed for your meeting.
    • Per FAQ’s: “You should update your meeting information every time something in the information changes.” 
    • The fastest way to update your meeting information is to have your meeting contact send an email to: 
    • Our own meeting list will now simply link to your meeting details as specified on We specify physical addresses for geographical purposes. 
  • ZOOM Account Available: Any group can use our CSG Zoom account, first-come/first-served.  To reserve the Zoom account for your meeting submit the following form:   
  • CoDA Service: These are critical positions that need to be filled as quickly as possible. Please announce at your meetings. (We ask for two volunteers in each role so one can serve as a backup.)
  • 7th Tradition Donations:
    • Special thanks to Richardson and East Dallas for your donations year to date.
    • We are now accepting 7th tradition donations via Venmo or PayPal.  Please use the website Donate page to submit your 7th tradition donations:
  • CoDA Texas:
    • State Retreat: CoDA Texas is planning a CoDA retreat in October.  Stay tuned for details. 
    • Board Positions: CoDA Texas is in need of a Chair and a Vice chair. These are very important opportunities to get involved.