We recommend CoDA members to
work the 12 Steps with a sponsor

Sponsor Materials:

Attend Our Sponsor Meetings
Join Our Sponsorship Registry
Why Have a Sponsor?
The Different Types of Sponsorship
Tools for Working the Steps
1st 14 Days – Guide For New Sponsors
1st 14 Days in CoDA Sponsee Workbook
30 Questions – A Clear Guide to Introducing Steps 1-3
30 Questions YouTube Video – Great Tips
Sponsorship in CoDA Brochure
The Recovery Patterns
Sponsorship: What’s in it for Me? ($3)

Why Sponsorship? – We can’t do it alone – Yumi
Hear the experience, strength, and hope that inspired the creation of our Sponsorship Registry ~20 min.

Find a Sponsor or Become one!

  • Becoming a sponsor is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in recovery.
  • Sponsoring someone in CoDA, enhances your recovery too.  When you teach, you learn!    
  • Becoming a sponsor, honors your 12th step
  • Search available sponsors who have signed up
  • Consider co-sponsoring with someone else in recovery
  • Many people successfully find sponsors outside their geographic area

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Why Do I Need a Sponsor?

Sponsors pass along their experience, strength and hope in working the 12 Steps. They can also help by being an objective voice for gaining insight into co-dependent behavior and offer a source of identification, support and encouragement. The Sponsor/Sponsee relationship offers a space for open, honest communication that is free of judgement. This kind of relationship can be particularly rewarding for both parties and is helpful in setting the blueprint for managing all relationships.

These are ‘suggestions’ only. They are based on our own experience of working the CoDA steps and what worked for us. The sponsor and sponsee are encouraged to work out their own individual framework for the relationship. A sponsor serves as a guide for facilitating the journey of recovery. It’s the journey of someone who has walked the path before you and who is willing to share experience, strength, and hope in support of your continuing recovery as well as their own. The decision to put this principle into practice is between the individual and their own Higher Power.

Types of Sponsorship

Temporary Sponsorship:  a trial period to decide if the working relationship suits both parties or to introduce a newcomer to the program using the First 14 Days OR Steps 1-3 in 30 Questions

Sponsor: A Sponsor is someone who has previously worked the 12 Steps and can guide us through the CoDA 12 Steps of recovery.

Co-Sponsorship: 2 or 3 people agree to co-sponsor each other through the Steps.  A co-sponsor is someone who can give us a different perspective.

Step Study Groups: Group which meets regularly to work through the Steps together